God in History

in the light of modern revelation

This website is dedicated to exploring the role of God in history in the light of modern revelation.

Its first publication is the book, The Divine in the Historical Narrative: A Latter-day Saint Perspective, edited by Roy A. Prete and others.

For the pioneer volume, to which this book is the sequel, see Window of Faith: Latter-day Saint Perspectives on World History (https://rsc.byu.edu/book/window-faith )

The Divine in the Historical Narrative

A Latter-day Saint Perspective

Editor: Roy A. Prete

Associate editors: Brian Q. Cannon, LeRoy E. Whitehead,

Richard O. Cowan, Craig James Ostler


Part 1: Contextualizing Latter-Day Saint Providential History

Part 2: Scriptural Foundations / Insights from the Restoration

Part 3: Practical Applications in Science and Technology

Part 4: Looking Forward until the Second Coming